Merkley Responds To Fiscal Cliff

WASHINGTON, D.C. — A U.S. Senator from Oregon is saying he voted for the Fiscal Cliff deal, but that does not mean he’s in full support of it. In a released statement, Senator Jeff Merkley said he voted for the deal because failing to pass it would have been a disaster for so many working … Continue reading »

Fiscal Cliff Deal Extends Tax Credits

ASHLAND, Ore. – The Fiscal Cliff deal, passed Monday, is putting a charge into one Southern Oregon industry. Part of that fiscal cliff package is a boost to the electric vehicle industry. Brammo Electric Motorcycles in Ashland has been expanding for years, in part because of the tax credit that comes with buying their vehicles … Continue reading »

Oregon Lawmakers Weigh In Fiscal Cliff

WASHINGTON, D.C. – Oregon lawmakers are weighing in on the latest plans to address the fiscal cliff. Senator Jeff Merkley released a statement after the Senate passed its deal. He said in part, “My measuring stick for this fiscal cliff deal, like every bill I consider, is how it will impact working families throughout Oregon … Continue reading »

Fiscal Cliff Could Cause School Cuts

MEDFORD, Ore. – Local Head Start teachers fear for young children as we move closer to the edge of the fiscal cliff. If the federal government can’t prevent those automatic cuts, twenty one Southern Oregon Head Start facilities would have funding reduced, reducing capacity by 50 kids. More than 300 kids in Jackson and Josephine … Continue reading »

Fiscal Cliff Might Affect Green Industry

MEDFORD, Ore. – The effect of going over the fiscal cliff has companies in Southern Oregon worried about what it will mean for the green industry. When it comes to the fiscal cliff, the cuts have to come from somewhere some expect it to be in tax credits, but green energy leaders in Southern Oregon … Continue reading »

Impacts of Fiscal Cliff on Rogue Valley

MEDFORD, Ore. – The impacts of the deficit talks will have an immediate effect on people’s paychecks. No matter what plan leaders in Washington come up with, there will still be changes to people’s paychecks. How much of a change is still unknown. Financial planners say there is no magic fix to this situation, under … Continue reading »

“Fiscal Cliff” Explained

WASHINGTON, D.C. — The President is expected to make his first post-election comments on economy and the so-called Fiscal Cliff. That so-called “cliff” is a combination of the pending expiration of the Bush tax cuts and a reduction of government spending. The average family’s tax bill could go up by $1,500. Add to that, a … Continue reading »