Yreka Economy Boost From Fire Base

YREKA, Calif. — As people fighting local fires are settling at camp in Yreka, local restaurants and businesses are feeling extra pressure. Nearly 1,500 people are fighting the Oregon Gulch and Little Deer fires, and are all using Yreka High School as a base camp. Yreka only has about eight thousand residents to begin with, and several … Continue reading »

Big Fire Camp, Tiny Footprint

GLENDALE, Ore. – It’s back to business as usual at Glendale High as the Douglas fire camp moves on. The team is downsizing and switching to a new camp just down the road, and leaving as small a footprint as possible behind. “For the number of people that went through camp here, we did very … Continue reading »

Fire Camps Resemble Small Cities

GLENDALE, Ore. — Firefighters have been camped out at Glendale High School and Riddle Elementary for 18 days now. The fire camps are set up to resemble small cities. They have communal showers, a portable laundromat, and food trucks serving breakfast, lunch and dinner. Those amenities take a lot of supplies according to the Douglas … Continue reading »

Riddle Camp Provides Basics for Crews

RIDDLE, Ore. — Thousands of firefighters in a camp near Riddle are working on the Douglas Complex. Despite the numbers, the camp is able to provide the basics as well as some “creature comforts” for the men and women stationed there. “They’re well fed, they have showers, they have everything as simple as a charging … Continue reading »