High Hopes Farm Land Seized

RUCH, Ore. – A medical marijuana grower raided by DEA agents in September is facing another battle: federal agents are going after his property. Federal agents raided High Hopes Farm back in September, discovering hundreds of marijuana plants and dried pot over the state’s legal limit, but the federal government isn’t done with him. Federal … Continue reading »

DEA Raids Medical Marijuana Grows

APPLEGATE, Ore. — Wednesday morning, the Drug Enforcement Administration served four federal search warrants in Jackson County. One of those raids at a Southern Oregon medical marijuana grow site had officials carting away truck loads of marijuana. Down the windy and dusty left fork Humbug Creek Road in the Applegate area unmarked trucks could be … Continue reading »

New Details on Marijuana Raid

RUCH, Ore. – More details have emerged about a federal raid on a medical marijuana grow site last week. James Bowman, the owner of the High Hopes Farm in Ruch, explained that federal agents took away all of the marijuana from the grow site during a raid Sept. 18. Those plants were being grown for … Continue reading »

Crowd Protests DEA Marijuana Raid

MEDFORD, Ore. – A crowd gathered outside of the federal court house in Medford on Thursday afternoon in response to recent medical marijuana raids. The protestors gathered included medical marijuana patients and supporters. The protest is part of the fallout from a recent marijuana raid where federal agents seized hundreds of plants from the High … Continue reading »

Fallout From DEA Raid of High Hopes Farm

RUCH, Ore. – The fallout from Tuesday’s federal raid on a medical marijuana grow site continues for growers and patients. A medical marijuana farm that grew for hundreds of people is now empty. Marijuana advocates say they are now trying to help with an overload of patients looking for medical pot. The High Hopes Farm … Continue reading »

Federal Raid On High Hopes Farm

NEAR RUCH, Ore. – Federal agents raided a large medical marijuana farm outside Jacksonville on Tuesday morning. The local community saw the raids on pot farms last year, now it seems they are starting again. The High Hopes Farm near Ruch grew medical marijuana for about 200 patients, with multiple plants for each of those … Continue reading »

$1.5 Billion Worth of Marijuana Seized

SACRAMENTO, Calif. — A federal crackdown on marijuana grows has lead to more than a million plants being uprooted. The U.S. Attorney’s Office in Sacramento released the numbers Wednesday. In July and August, they seized $1.5 billion worth of pot on public lands. The raids took place in seven Western states, including Oregon and California. … Continue reading »

After DEA Raid, Medical Marijuana Providers Struggle With Patient Demand

October 15, 2011 By Erin Maxson & Yessenia Anderson ASHLAND, Ore.  — Local suppliers and patients say the target on their back is painful after the latest Drug Enforcement Administration bust of a medical marijuana grow yanked 100 plants out of the ground. 20 more cannabis patients lost their medicine for the year. The waiting … Continue reading »

Southern Oregon Lawmakers Tour Medical Pot Grow Site

October 13, 2011 By Steven Sandberg RUCH, Ore. — Southern Oregon lawmakers are seeing the problems and benefits of the medical marijuana program up close. Representatives Peter Buckley, Dennis Richardson, Sal Esquivel, and State Senator Alan Bates were given a tour of the High Hopes Medical Marijuana Farm near Ruch. The local legislators are touring … Continue reading »

Inside A Medical Marijuana Farm

October 11, 2011 By Steven Sandberg NEAR RUCH, Ore. — Medical marijuana growers say they are constantly operating with the fear that federal agents may raid them, and two recent raids in Southern Oregon are reinforcing that fear. The High Hopes Farm, located outside Ruch, grows about 200 plants for its patients. They say they … Continue reading »

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