GMO Battle Continues in Court

MEDFORD, Ore. — Some Jackson County citizens are trying to get involved in a lawsuit over the county’s GMO ban. People packed the courtroom for a hearing yesterday to show their support for intervention in the case. The group “Our Family Farms Coalition” is trying to intervene in the legal challenge to ballot measure 15-119. … Continue reading »

Your Vote: Measure 92 “GMO Labeling”

ASHLAND, Ore. — Under Measure 92, genetically engineered foods would be required to be labeled as containing ingredients with GMOs. Those voting “yes” believe this would make it easier on farmers and consumers to separate products from the way they are grown. Those voting “no” believe it would cost Oregon farmers, food companies, taxpayers and … Continue reading »

Spent Grain Proposal Worries Brewers

ASHLAND, Ore. — The Food and Drug Administration announced on their website today the will make a new proposal later this summer on brewing by-products. This, after senator Wyden met with local brewers about the F.D.A. old proposal. “When caldera moved their brewery to their new location in Ashland, they invested in equipment to help … Continue reading »

GMO Free Jackson County Rally

MEDFORD, Ore. — People who want to ban Genetically Modified Crops, or GMOs, are gearing up for their campaign efforts tonight. Two different groups are teaming up to open a downtown headquarters for the cause. Shortly, supporters will file into the new campaign headquarters in the Woolworth Building in Medford. The launch party will rally … Continue reading »