Facebook Developing Work-Only Version

CNN – Users may soon be able to check Facebook openly – and guilt free. According to reports, the social media site is said to be testing an office-friendly version called “Facebook At Work.” Reportedly, the service is meant to be about work-life only, used for chatting with coworkers and collaborating on office projects, and … Continue reading »

Facebook Helps the Fight to Cure Ebola

MANLO PARK, Calif. — Facebook is launching a campaign to raise money to help groups fighting Ebola. Founder Mark Zuckerberg personally donated 25 million dollars to the cause. His money went to the Centers for Disease Control Foundation to help battle the deadly virus. Now, he wants to make it easier for other to donate … Continue reading »

Community Pitches in for New Bike

MEDFORD, Ore. — A sad kid went to school this morning after learning his fairly new bike was stolen, but thanks to a few Medford residents he had a surprise waiting for him when he got home. Kris Johnson’s father, Josh, was outraged after learning about the fate of the bike. Johnson said there’s a … Continue reading »

Major Donations to Help Ebola Fight

SAN FRANCISCO, Cal. – Microsoft co-founder Paul Allen said he is pledging $100 million dollars to battle the Ebola virus. The announcement comes as a New York City doctor is in isolation after testing positive for the virus. According to Allen, the money will be used to train doctors in Massachusetts, and to build special … Continue reading »

Facebook Now Worth $200 Billion

(CNN) — Facebook is now worth more than $200 billion. The social network passed that level for the first time this week. It is now the 15th most valuable company in the S&P 500 stock index, and worth more than much older companies such as IBM, Coca-Cola, AT&T and Disney. Facebook stock is up more … Continue reading »

Jackson County Fair Launches Survey

CENTRAL POINT, Ore. —  The board for the Jackson County Fair is looking to hear from fair goers about what worked and what did not work at the fair this year. Administrators launched a survey on the Jackson County Facebook page for those who attended the fair this year. The fair board says they have already gotten … Continue reading »

County Residents Use Online Watch

CAVE JUNCTION, Ore. — Cave Junction may have a small presence of law enforcement, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t eyes and ears watching and listening. “You might out run the police, but you’re not going to out run Facebook,” said Cave Junction resident Tim Duffy. A Facebook page with nearly 4,000 followers is updated … Continue reading »

Fair Uses Social Media to Reach Guests

CENTRAL POINT, Ore. — This year the Jackson County Fair is using social media to connect with more people and reach a larger audience. Along with the new fair app introduced in the weeks leading up to the fair, fair board members are also using Facebook, Twitter, websites, and advertisements to communicate with guests. This … Continue reading »

Community Using Facebook to Stop Crime

O’BRIEN, Ore. — Community members are joining together to stop crime and using Facebook to do it. The page is called ‘To Catch a Thief’ and creator, Carol Dickson, says she started it after someone stole her friend’s property. The page started out with only a few members and has grown to over a thousand. … Continue reading »