Activists Target Mt. Ashland Expansion

ASHLAND, Ore. – A group of sledders launches off the side of Mt. Ashland’s newly-contoured Sonnet trail. The trail is part of a short-term expansion project painfully close to completion. “The sooner we get on this this spring, the better it’s going to be for the environment and the creek channel below,” said Eric Navickas, … Continue reading »

Ex-Ashland City Councilman Trial Begins

MEDFORD, Ore. — A jury will decide if an officer used excessive force and violated the rights of a former Ashland city councilman. In 2011, Eric Navickas was protesting with a group about the expansion of the Mount Ashland ski area without a permit. Navickas resisted an arrest where police say he exaggerated the force and slammed into … Continue reading »

Eric Navickas Faces Off With Ashland Police

June 29, 2011 By Steven Sandberg ASHLAND, Ore. — A former Ashland city councilman ends up slammed to the hood of a police car while protesting in the street. He’s now at odds with police over how much force was used. The incident happened while Navickas and others were protesting the expansion of the Mt. … Continue reading »