County Parks Face Millions in Repairs

ASHLAND, Ore. – As he walks along a road in Emigrant Lake Park, Steve Lambert stops, stoops down, and picks up a triangle-shaped chunk of concrete. “We’re looking at pavement at Emigrant Lake that is just an inch and a half thick,” he says. As he motions with the chunk, bits crumble to the ground. … Continue reading »

Holiday Camping Busy At Emigrant Lake

ASHLAND, Ore. — The weather was just about perfect for many people enjoying the great outdoors. It was one of the busiest days of the year at Emigrant Lake. Hundreds came to the park, for picnicking, barbecuing, and cooling off in the water. Park officials say because the holiday falls in the middle of the … Continue reading »

Travel Outlook for Independence Day

By Rob Scott JACKSON COUNTY, Ore. –American flags could be spotted all around Emigrant Lake Sunday. “The Fourth of July is a good excuse for me to bring out the boat, get on the lake, do some fishin’ and barbque,” Scott Witter said. With the fourth falling on a Wednesday this year, Park Ranger Jason … Continue reading »