Schools Push for Full-Day Kindergarten

WHITE CITY, Ore. — One southern Oregon school district wants to give more educational hours to younger students, and they could get a head start ahead of the rest of the state. Administrators in the Eagle Point school district are reviewing a plan to start full-day kindergarten this fall. That’s a year early; the state … Continue reading »

School District Remembers Strike

EAGLE POINT, Ore. – While Medford teachers weigh the possibility of a strike, other districts are still feeling the side effects of a strike – for better or worse. Teachers in the Eagle Point School District walked out a year and a half ago. They say they’re in a much better spot now, but it … Continue reading »

School Official Discuss Closure Decision

MEDFORD, Ore. — The snow is not expected to hit until later in the morning, which makes the decision about closing school even more challenging. Tom Reimer is the Transportation Supervisor for the Eagle Point School District, and he is one of the people who will have to make that decision on Friday. He talks … Continue reading »

New Grant Aims to Improve Learning

EAGLE POINT, Ore. — After receiving a grant from the state, the first collaborative meeting between school District 9 teachers and administrators wrapped up on Monday, all with the focus on making educators even more effective. A $30,000 grant from the Oregon Department of Education has brought five teachers, five administrators and others from the … Continue reading »

Questionnaire for Parents on Weapons

EAGLE POINT, Ore. — Before Eagle Point School District’s weapon safety committee makes any decisions about arming teachers, it is turning to parents. The committee met Tuesday night, deciding to come up with a questionnaire for parents. They say the overall theme will be student safety, touching on everything about what parents want to see … Continue reading »

District Adjusts After Test Results

EAGLE POINT, Ore. — After getting some not-so-good test results, a local school district is refining policies. The Oregon Department of Education just released numbers showing how many students are meeting standards statewide. Compared to the state average, the Eagle Point School District comes in a little short in math and reading, so school officials … Continue reading »