Jeffery Wheeler Pleads Guilty

MEDFORD, Ore. – A man accused of killing his ex-girlfriend and trying to set her apartment on fire is now pleading guilty. Jeffrey Wheeler changed his plea in court Friday and admitted to killing Jessica Bethany in September 2011. Wheeler could end up spending the rest of his life in prison. It’s been 15 months … Continue reading »

Mitchell Below Guilty of Murder

MEDFORD, Ore. – Day 3 of the Below case ended in a verdict and sentencing on Thursday. Earlier that afternoon, the judge ruled Mitchell Below guilty of murder, sentencing him to life in prison. After serving a mandatory sentence of 300 months, which is 25 years, Below will be able to apply for parole. Should … Continue reading »

Domestic Violence On The Rise In Southern Oregon

Community Works has called 2011 the worst year they have seen for domestic violence in the Rogue Valley. So far, 2012  has not seen a break in this current unfortunate trend. In 2011, four cases and eight victims died in Jackson County since January. In November, Makaila Upton was killed in a domestic dispute, police say … Continue reading »