ISIS Hostage Exchange Deadline Passed

WASHINGTON — It’s been several hours since a deadline for a prisoner exchange passed, but there’s still no word on the fate of two hostages ISIS is holding. The militants had threatened to kill one of those hostages, a Jordanian pilot, at sunset, unless an al-Qaida prisoner was freed from death row. That woman, is … Continue reading »

Open Enrollment Deadline Looms

MEDFORD, Ore. – Today is the last day for Oregonians to enroll for health insurance coverage to start or continue in January of 2015. Residents in the state need to use the federal exchange,, to compare plans and enroll in coverage. Those who fail to enroll can face penalties anywhere from 95 dollars for … Continue reading »

Voter Registration Deadline Nears

MEDFORD, Ore. — Sheriff’s races, commissioners’ elections and gubernatorial primaries are all on this May’s ballot, but if you aren’t registered to vote by Tuesday night, your voice won’t be heard. Oregonians have until 11:59 p.m. Tuesday to register either in person, or online at Jackson County Clerk Chris Walker said there are currently … Continue reading »

Last Day for Studded Tires

MEDFORD, Ore. — As a reminder, today marks the end of studded tire season. Drivers need to get their studded tires removed or they could face a fine of $190 dollars. The Oregon Department of Transportation said studded tires cause at least tens of millions of dollars in damage to roads every year. Again, March … Continue reading »

Cover Oregon Extended Deadline Impact

MEDFORD, Ore. — Those who waited until the last minute to apply for health insurance through Cover Oregon got a big break Wednesday, and local officials said they’ve already seen an impact. Wednesday, the federal government approved a request to extend the deadline for health care from the end of March to the end of … Continue reading »

Cover Oregon Deadline Nears

MEDFORD, Ore. — Less than a week remains to sign up for health insurance through Cover Oregon, and as agent Ed Steffens sits in his office, he knows there are plenty of people out there who still need coverage. “Well, most people are aware that they need to do something but they haven’t had time … Continue reading »