Two Years Since Grubbs Murder

ASHLAND, Ore. — Today marks the two year anniversary of David Grubbs’ death. Flowers and ornaments still sit on the Ashland bike path where David Grubbs was found dead, nearly decapitated. Police have received hundreds of tips throughout the last two years, but have no suspects, stating this case is an active investigation. Two years … Continue reading »

The Grubbs Investigation: 2 Years Later

ASHLAND, Ore. — Today marks the two year anniversary of the brutal murder of David Grubbs. Grubbs is the young man who was murdered while walking home along the Ashland bike path on November 19, 2011. Police are still actively investigating any tips or leads they get, but nothing has turned up so far. Grubb’s … Continue reading »

Close Friend Remembers David Grubbs

ASHLAND, Ore. — Monday marks the one year anniversary of David Grubbs’ death. He was found nearly decapitated on the bike path in Ashland. One woman said her son and David were friends throughout school. She told Newswatch 12 David’s death is like losing a son. She said close friends at Shop-n-Kart are also unable … Continue reading »

Grubbs Murder Investigation Continues

TALENT, Ore. – On Thursday, police finished their search of three locations in connection to the David Grubbs murder case. Officers had served 3 search warrants yesterday in Ashland and Talent, looking for clues into the year-old case. It’s been almost a year since David Grubbs was found murdered in the Ashland bike path. Wednesday, … Continue reading »

Community Reassured by Grubbs Search

ASHLAND, Ore. — Community members are still on edge but hoping some clues develop from an all day search in connection with the David Grubbs’ murder. Ashland police officers served three search warrants Wednesday. One at a home in Ashland, another in Talent and on a vehicle. Multiple law enforcement agencies worked together to search … Continue reading »

Timeline of David Grubbs Murder Case

ASHLAND, Ore. — This Monday will mark the one year anniversary of the murder of David Grubbs. The 23-year-old was murdered on the bike path in Ashland. Several days later, an autopsy on David Grubbs was released, showing that he had been killed by multiple sharp force injuries to the head and neck, causing near … Continue reading »

Search Warrants Served In Grubbs Case

TALENT, Ore. – Police are searching several properties in Talent and Ashland, and they say it has to do with David Grubbs murder from one year ago. Police are quiet about why they are serving those search warrants, but police and search crews from multiple counties are involved. Things have calmed down considerably on Rapp … Continue reading »

Memorial For David Grubbs

ASHLAND, Ore. – Nearly a year after an Ashland man was found murdered along the city bike path, a memorial is being placed in his honor. The city is teaming with the family of David Grubbs to establish that memorial near the area he was killed. After David Grubbs’ body was found along the Ashland … Continue reading »

FBI To Help Grubbs Case

ASHLAND, Ore. — More than half a year since a young man was brutally murdered in Ashland, local police are now enlisting the help of federal agents to find his killer. Ashland Police continue their efforts to name a suspect in the David Grubbs murder but with no suspect named, detectives are now calling in … Continue reading »

David Grubbs Murder Remains Unsolved

ASHLAND, Ore.  —  It’s the first murder in Ashland in 7 years and the case continues to confound investigators. Ashland Police say 23-year-old David Michael Grubbs of Ashland was found dead on the bike path in Hunter Park with what they are calling violent injuries. The suspicious death, discovered in the early evening on November … Continue reading »

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