Curry County Crash Leads to Death

GOLD BEACH, Ore. – About 7:15 a.m. today, Curry County Sheriff’s responded to a call about a vehicle that was spotted over an embankment along Quosanta Creek Road about 15 miles east of Gold Beach, OR.  According to the observer, Stan Moss, there was one occupant in the vehicle that appeared to be deceased. When … Continue reading »

Curry County Jail Downsizes

GOLD BEACH, Ore. — Curry County Commissioners approved a proposal Wednesday morning to decrease the number of beds in the Curry County jail. The jail currently has 50 beds, but will now be cut in half to 25 so the county can continue a more manageable operation. Sheriff John Ward said he plans for the bed … Continue reading »

Curry County Faces Severe Budget Cuts

GOLD BEACH, Ore. — John Ward is already facing many tough decisions in his new position as Curry County Sheriff, the first of which is deciding whether or not to close the jail. Curry County, like many Oregon timberland communities, is no longer receiving millions of dollars in federal subsidies. Commissioners told Sheriff Ward the … Continue reading »

Pesticide Company Punishment Ruling

CURRY COUNTY, Ore.– A company accused of exposing Curry County residents to pesticides, and then falsely disclosing information about it, is being handed down a punishment. Pacific Air Research, Inc. is being forced to pay a $10,000 civil penalty, and will lose it’s license for one year. An investigation began in 2013 after the community … Continue reading »

Curry County Sheriff to Step Down

GOLD BEACH, Ore. — After a long fight against budget cuts, and with resources in his department dwindling due to lack of funding, Curry County Sheriff John Bishop said he can’t physically handle it anymore. Bishop announced his is stepping down as sheriff, citing the stress of the funding crisis. Over the past few years, … Continue reading »

Home Rule Charter Measure Concerns

CURRY COUNTY, Ore. — When Oregon voters cast ballots in the next three weeks, some will be asked whether to create a new way of running their county governments, and it includes some counties in our area. The issue seems to stem from persistent money problems in many Oregon counties–NewsWatch 12’s Ron Brown took a … Continue reading »

Local Pesticide Company in Violation

CURRY COUNTY, Ore.– An investigation into complaints over aerial pesticide usage in Curry County is now complete. The Oregon Department of Agriculture’s Pesticide Program found a White City pesticide company to be in multiple violations. The company, Pacific Air Research, is accused of allowing pesticides to fall on properties outside its intended spray site, using … Continue reading »

Crab Boat Captain Cited for Pollution

CURRY COUNTY, Ore. — A commercial crab boat captain was cited by an Oregon State Police (OSP) Fish & Wildlife Division trooper for Water Pollution related to an investigation into last week’s dumping of an estimated 5,000 pounds of rotten, skinned mink carcasses into the water at the Port of Brookings in Curry County. During … Continue reading »

Dredging Underway For 1st Time in Years

PORT ORFORD, Ore. — The day’s catch was hoisted up for one Port Orford fisherman, who beat the high tide rush that has become the norm at the port of Port Orford. The port hasn’t received its needed annual dredging since federal funding stopped in 2010, leaving high tide the only time the dozens of … Continue reading »

Multi-County Meeting in Medford

MEDFORD, Ore. — Cash-strapped counties in Southern Oregon could see some relief if lawmakers in Washington pass a new bill affecting timber production. District attorneys, sheriffs and commissioners from Lane, Douglas, Curry, Josephine and Jackson Counties are throwing their support behind the resolution. It would set aside additional acres of wilderness of the O&C lands, … Continue reading »

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