“Pulse Point” App Helping Teach CPR

MEDFORD, Ore. — A new app is being used to help people dealing with a cardiac emergency. The app is designed by a non-profit group and sets off an alert when there’s an emergency near you. Even if you don’t know CPR, the app shows you how to do it with visuals. “If anything can … Continue reading »

Parents Perform CPR to Save Baby’s Life

TRAIL, Ore. — A couple’s quick action is credited with saving their own baby’s life. Friday afternoon, emergency responders rushed to the 64 hundred block of Crow Foot Road in Trail. Two teens were playing outside and didn’t notice their family friend’s 1-year-old girl disappear. A few minutes later, they found her in the creek. She accidently … Continue reading »

CPR Brings Man Back to Life

MEDFORD, Ore. — The Johnson family is getting ready to leave the hospital and for the first time in a week, that means they get to bring Dad home. But 8-year-old Simone and 6-year-old Marcus’ “buddy forever,” or Dad, almost didn’t make it. In fact, without a pulse, the 50-year-old was dead. “I took his … Continue reading »

Local Caregivers Discuss Rules on CPR

MEDFORD, Ore. — In the wake of the situation in Bakersfield, local retirement facilities are weighing in on when to use CPR to save someone’s life. Whether it’s independent living or assisted living, the retirement staff say each resident fills out this form when they move in. It’s a “POLST” form – Physician Orders For … Continue reading »