Homeowners Stay Despite Evacuation Order

COPCO LAKE, Cali., — Most of the smoke rising on north side of Copco Lake is from firefighters’ efforts to burn out existing vegetation. By burning it in a controlled manner and then following that up with a mop-up firefighters can prevent the Oregon Gulch Fire from threatening the homes on Copco Lake again. Friday … Continue reading »

Mandatory Evacuations in Siskiyou County

SISKIYOU COUNTY, Calif. — Due to the growth of the Oregon Gulch Fire the Siskiyou County Sheriff’s Office is issuing a Mandatory Evacuation Notice to the Copco area residents that live one mile east of the town Copco to the Beaver Creek area. The Sheriff’s Office has also issued Mandatory Evacuation Notice to the residents … Continue reading »

Homeowner Gets Burglar on Surveillance

COPCO, Calif. — This past Wednesday, officials arrested a 22 year-old Grants Pass man after a Copco resident reviewed surveillance footage of the suspect robbing his home. Officials were then able to issue a search warrant for the suspect’s, Jonathon Robert Davis, home. Several items related to the home owner’s burglary were recovered. Throughout the … Continue reading »