Consumer Reports: Gift Cards

WHY GIFT CARDS MAKE BAD GIFTS If the thought of braving holiday crowds at the mall is driving you to go for gift cards, you’re not alone. Spending on gift cards is expected to hit a record high this year. The funds on gift cards won’t expire within five years as they used to thanks … Continue reading »

Consumer Reports: Credit Score Problems

That critical number-your credit score-is based on your credit reports, yet a Consumer Reports’ survey finds close to half of Americans never check to make sure their credit reports are accurate and errors are surprisingly common. A Consumer Reports survey of 3,000 Americans found 20 percent found mistakes that could lower their credit scores. Mistakes … Continue reading »

Consumer Reports: Tire Warning

(CONSUMER REPORTS) — Tires are expensive! Consumer Reports’ top-rated all-season SUV tire, the Michelin Latitude Tour, costs $168. Tires from China can cost far less than better-known brands. Consumer Reports included several in recent tests: the $114 Geostar, the $95 Pegasus Advanta SUV, and the $85 Sunny SN-3606. All of the tires go through the … Continue reading »

Consumer Reports: Purrrfect Pet Toys

MEDFORD, Ore. — Shopping for our pets is fun. Sure, your pet can play by himself, but his favorite thing to play with is YOU. For dogs, games like catch or tug-of-war give them exercise and satisfy their social needs. Frisbees and rope pulls are also favorites, and who can resist a brand new ball? … Continue reading »

Consumer Reports Shipping Gripes

The US Postal service expects to deliver up to 470 million packages between Thanksgiving and New Year’s Eve. And as more people shop online, FedEx and UPS also forecast a record number of deliveries. In a recent survey, Consumer Reports asked one thousand people about their shipping gripes and has tips to help your boxes … Continue reading »

Best Places to Buy Electronics

From tablets to TVs to laptop computers, electronics are likely to be the hottest gifts this holiday season. Consumer Reports’ recent survey covering more than 42,000 electronics purchases can steer you to the best places to buy. The survey found that people who shop for electronics online are happier with their experience than those who … Continue reading »

Is Your Favorite Store Naughty or Nice?

Just in time for the holidays, Consumer Reports is out with its Naughty and Nice List, an annual look at company policies that are pro consumer, and some that are not. Before you buy a plane ticket, book a hotel, or splurge on holiday treats, find out if the stores and services you use are … Continue reading »

Consumer Reports: Cell Phone Service

(CONSUMER REPORTS) — The vast majority of people get their cell phone service from one of the four major wireless providers: Verizon, AT&T, T-Mobile and Sprint. But in Consumer Reports’ latest ratings, based on a survey of 63,000 of its subscribers, a new service called Ting scored much higher. Ting bills for actual voice, text … Continue reading »

Tools to Help Enroll in Healthcare

NEW YORK, Ore.– There is just less than three months left to get insurance under the President’s health care exchange. Experts from Consumer Reports said it is best to enroll early and check out what the plans have to offer, even if you already have insurance. Nancy Metcalf from Consumer Reports said, “Don’t just let … Continue reading »

Consumer Reports: Turkey Thermometers

(CONSUMER REPORTS) — Buying a turkey with a pop-up timer means one less thing to worry about when pulling together your Thanksgiving meal. However, you’ll want to hear what Consumer Reports found when it tested pop-up timers to see how accurate they really are. You might be thinking about relying on one of those pop-up … Continue reading »

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