Consumer Reports: What to Buy at Costco

YONKERS, Many people often load up on bargains at a warehouse store. In our area, and across the country, Costco is the place to go. It has a great reputation for delivering quality goods at great prices, but as Consumer Reports shows us, there is still the need to shop strategically. Otherwise that oversized shopping … Continue reading »

Consumer Reports: Best & Worst Fast Food

YONKERS, N.J. — If you are hitting the road this holiday weekend, you may want to reconsider where you stop for a meal on the road. Based on a Consumer Reports survey of more than 30-thousand of its readers, there are a lot of food choices that they say are much tastier than some of … Continue reading »

Consumer Reports: Top Lawn Mowers

FORT MYERS, Fla. — When buying a lawn mower, Consumer Reports’ Peter Sawchuk says the “most important (thing) is to consider the size of your property. If you have a larger property, that is it takes you more than a half an hour to mow your lawn, then you should consider a self-propelled mower.” Consumer … Continue reading »

Consumer Reports: “Natural” or Not?

YONKERS, N.J. — Food labeled “natural” is one of the latest lures in the grocery aisle. A just-released Consumer Report’s survey found that 59 percent of people look for foods labeled “natural” when they shop. But Consumer Reports says it’s essentially meaningless claim. Consumer Reports expert, Urvashi Rangan, says “The Food and Drug Administration doesn’t … Continue reading »

Consumer Reports: No-Touch Screens

YONKERS, N. J. — Computer technology has come a long way; touch screens are now just about everywhere. Now, there are some you don’t even have to touch. Already in today’s living rooms there are games you can control by moving your hands, TVs that work with a wave and some smart phones you can … Continue reading »

Consumer Reports: Hotel Credit Security

YONKERS, N.J. — When you arrive at a hotel and hand over your plastic, most guests assume there are  stringent safeguards in place to protect that information. Margot Gilman with Consumer Reports says “The major credit card companies require businesses to have standard data protections if they want to accept credit and debit cards. It’s … Continue reading »

Consumer Reports: Great Grills

Yonkers, N.J. — Consumer Reports has turned up the heat, to help you find the best gas grill, for your outdoor feasts. They tested more than 100 gas grills, from brands like Kenmore, Weber, Char-Broil and Broil-Mate to find the hottest choices. This test uses sensors to measure the temperature at various points on a … Continue reading »

Consumer Reports: Sunscreen SPF

YONKERS, N.J. — Consumer Reports tested 20 sprays and lotions that claim to be water resistant and provide “broad spectrum” protection. 18 of the 20 sunscreens Consumer Reports tested came in below the SPF they promise on their packages, although except for two they did provide adequate protection. Tester Jamie Kopf says “We can’t say … Continue reading »

Consumer Reports: Top Deck Stains

YONKERS, N.J. — A brand new deck looks great, but to keep it looking that way requires upkeep.  You need to protect it with a good deck stain. Rico De Paz with Consumer Reports tested 29 stains.  He says it’s important to use one, because untreated wood can crack and turn grey. To find which … Continue reading »

Consumer Reports: Smart Homes

YONKERS, NJ. — Consumer Reports has been testing Wi-Fi-connected devices, including lighting systems, electronic door locks, smart thermostats, generators, and smart ranges and wall ovens. Consumer Reports tester Celia Kuperszmid Lehrman says “What really gets your attention with these products is their cool features. So we’re testing those features, but we also want to make … Continue reading »

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