ISIS Forces Still In Kobani

(CNN) — Kurdish fighters in the Syrian city of Kobani said they’re holding ISIS militants back for now. The city was bombarded once again by U.S. led coalition warplanes. While Kurdish fighters try to prevent ISIS from taking over the City’s border crossing into Turkey. They say if that happens, then the battle for Kobani … Continue reading »

Ebola in Liberia Suspends Election Dates

(CNN) — Ebola is the main focus in Liberia and it’s halting the political process. The President of Liberia suspended Senatorial Elections, so that the country could focus on containing the virus. Liberians were scheduled to vote next week. But politicians fear many will not go to the polls, because of Ebola concerns. No new … Continue reading »

Ebola a “Top National Security Priority”

(CNN) — While as many as 4,000 U.S. service members may be deployed to west Africa to fight Ebola, the Pentagon says only a small number will have direct contact with patients, and all, will be kept as safe as possible. “We will do everything in our power to address and mitigate the potential risk … Continue reading »

100 People Monitored in Dallas

(CNN) — Texas Health officials are reaching out to as many as one hundred people who may have come in contact with Texas Ebola patient Thomas Duncan. Officials are questioning them and will focus on those with a potential risk of infection. This contradicts an earlier report that 80 people were being monitored for Ebola … Continue reading »

Jury Selection for Jodi Arias Trial

(CNN) — Jury selection in the Jodi Arias sentencing re-trial started Monday. Last year, jurors found Arias guilty of murder. But they deadlocked on whether Arias should be put to death. The court is now starting the process of choosing jurors who will determine her punishment. Cameras will not be allowed in the courtroom this … Continue reading »

Ebola-Infected Doctor Tests New Vaccine

(CNN) — An American doctor exposed to the Ebola virus is helping test a new vaccine. The doctor arrived at the National Institute of Health in Bethesda, Maryland on Sunday. The NIH is testing an experimental Ebola vaccine on human volunteers. The drug reported performed well in earlier trials with chimpanzees. The doctor was exposed … Continue reading »

Man Wanted for Abduction in Court

(CNN) — The man wanted for abduction in the case of missing University of Virginia student Hannah Graham appeared in a Texas courtroom Thursday morning. Jesse Matthew, 32, was arrested on a beach near Galveston, TX Wednesday. Police believe he is the last person seen with Graham when she vanished nearly two weeks ago. The … Continue reading »

Ebola May Reach 1.4 Million Cases

(CNN) — 1.4 million Ebola cases is the worst-case scenario predicted by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. The CDC said the cases in Liberia and Sierra Leone could be between 500 – 50,000 and 1.4 million by January, 2015. That is if there are no additional interventions or changes in community behavior. The … Continue reading »

Comedian Joan Rivers Has Died

(CNN) — CNN is reporting that comedian Joan Rivers has died. She was 81. Her daughter Melissa released a statement saying she “passed away peacefully at 1:17pm (Thursday) surrounded by family and close friends.” Joan Rivers stopped breathing during outpatient surgery on her vocal chords at a Manhattan clinic on August 28th. State health officials are … Continue reading »

Car Crashes Into CNN Newsroom

(CNN) — It’s a different kind of “breaking news” at the CNN center today. This morning, a Mercedes crashed into the lobby of the media and hotel complex in Atlanta. Witnesses said two people were in the car driving down the sidewalk before going through the glass wall. No one was hurt, but police did … Continue reading »

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