Burn Areas At Risk For Flash Flooding

MEDFORD, Ore. — The intense fire season paired with rainstorms moving into the area could be a danger to communities near burn areas. The fires have stripped the ground of any grass and plants, only leaving ash and debris in their place. With loose ground, flash floods are more likely to happen. The Oregon Bureau … Continue reading »

Flood Concerns in Burned Forests

MEDFORD, Ore. — Fire season is still several months away, but the land burned last summer still poses a threat. The Bureau of Land Management is keeping a close eye on areas in the Douglas Complex vulnerable to landslides when it rains. Officials say if a half inch or more of rain is expected in … Continue reading »

Obama to Support Wildfire Funding Bill

MEDFORD, Ore. – Local lawmakers are praising President Obama for supporting a House bill that could change the way wildfires are fought around the country. The bill (H.R. 3992), backed by senators Wyden and Merkley as well as representative Walden, would allow disaster relief funds to be spent on catastrophic wildfires. Right now that money … Continue reading »

Fight for Timber Salvage Continues

SHADY COVE, Ore. – Timber salvaging is still underway months after fire season came to a close. But many of the tens of thousands of acres burned remain off limits. BLM lands like the area near timbered rock are filled with towering snags, left over from the last major fire over a decade ago. Some … Continue reading »

BLM Staff Back At Work

MEDFORD, Ore. — Staff and foresters from the Bureau of Land Management are back at work. Public lands and camp sites that have been closed during the government shutdown are re-opening to the public. The BLM Public Affairs Officer, Jim Whittington, says it’s great to have staff back at work and recreation sites opening again … Continue reading »

Shutdown Stops Timber Logging

YREKA, Calif. — The United State Forest Service and the Bureau of Land Management is ordering timber companies on federal land to stop logging until the government shutdown ends. Timber Products is one of the companies being affected. Currently, 40% of the timber coming into the Timber Products facility is harvested from federally owned land, … Continue reading »

Federal Shutdown Impacts Local Agencies

MEDFORD, Ore. — Congress has yet to work out an agreement, meaning hundreds of national parks and multiple federal agencies are now closed down. Thousands of federal workers across the nation were sent packing home. Local employees were also furloughed because of the government shutdown. Tuesday, the Medford Bureau of Land Management closed its doors. … Continue reading »

Rain Poses Risk for Mudslides

MEDFORD, Ore. — Due to the severe weather headed to Southern Oregon this weekend, fire crews plan to monitor the massive areas of charred land. The Bureau of Land Management will be patrolling the areas burned from the summer wildfires for rainwater damage. Experts say when the land is destroyed after a fire, there nothing … Continue reading »

Analysts Help in Fire Attack Plan

GRANTS PASS, Ore. — Fire specialists from across the country are coming together to plan the best attack on the multiple fires across the South West part of Oregon. The team is made up of analysts who are predicting the smoke movement, weather pattern and wind direction. The members are also looking at Josephine County’s unique … Continue reading »

Large-Scale Fire Response Underway

MEDFORD, Ore. – Teams from five federal agencies, as well as state, local, and contract crews continue to battle a series of wildfires caused by overnight lightning strikes. Officials with the Bureau of Land Management say nearly a hundred ignition points sparked up throughout the night. Much of the coordination for that firefight takes place … Continue reading »

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