Parents Learn About Bullying

MEDFORD, Ore. —  Hoover Elementary School is hosting a special presentation tonight to help educate parents about bullying.  This comes after a recent study that shows the Medford, Ashland and Rogue River school districts falling short in anti-bullying standards. One of the big topics parents are learning about tonight is knowing the difference between conflict and bullying. … Continue reading »

Anchor Mom: Helping Kids find Strength

Today there is a video going viral on social media that shows a mother asking her daughter to repeat her experience with bullying at school and on the bus.  The little girl is obviously embarrassed and doesn’t want to talk about the incident.  Her little brother, maybe a kindergartener witnessed the most recent round of … Continue reading »

RCC Holds Forum to Discuss LGBT Bullying

MEDFORD, Ore. — Bullying is something Rogue Community College will not tolerate on campus and will not condone in the community. The college hosted an event Thursday night to discuss the best ways to handle bullying and harassment of LGBT individuals. Many students, staff, and community members filled the seats to participate in the discussion and … Continue reading »