Big Storm Hitting Brookings

BROOKINGS, Ore. — It is the second wettest September on record. The first big storm of the season is hitting the coast of Brookings. Brookings residents say this is just regular weather for the coast. Most residents NewsWatch12 spoke with say they are not taking any special preparations in lieu the big storm. “Just buckled … Continue reading »

Drunk Driver Strikes Police Car

BROOKINGS, Ore. – A Brookings man was arrested Thursday for crashing into and injuring an Oregon State Police Trooper while intoxicated. Thursday morning, police said 19-year-old Sean Russell crashed into Senior Trooper Jeff Johnson who was on the north shoulder of Highway 101, near milepost 358. The trooper was taken to Sutter Coast Hospital with … Continue reading »

Brookings Harbor Cleanup Underway

BROOKINGS HARBOR, Ore. – After several days delay last week because of rough ocean conditions, dredging of the Brookings Harbor Boat Basin is now underway. The project is designed to remove silt and other debris that washed in during the march 2011 Japanese tsunami. This dredge is sucking up silt and pumping it through a … Continue reading »

Boat Basin Clean Up In Brookings

BROOKINGS, Ore. – Thanks to nearly three fourths of a million dollars in state and federal grants, the port of Brookings Harbor is being cleaned-up of silt that’s clogging the boat basin. Thick-walled black plastic pipe, 14 inches in diameter, drapes into the Brookings boat basin to a dredge waiting to pump tsunami silt out … Continue reading »

Dredging Begins At Brookings Port

BROOKINGS, Ore. – It’s been over a year since the Japanese tsunami damaged Brookings, but more clean-up efforts are underway. Just like mowing the grass, dredging has to be done to ports; it’s the removal of sediment, dirt and other debris. Curry County is working with engineers to start the clean up mid-September. An engineer … Continue reading »