Diana Krall Cancels Britt Appearance

MEDFORD, Ore. —¬†Britt organizers regret to announce the Diana Krall’s appearance on Wednesday night has been cancelled.¬† According to Krall’s spokesperson, the singer and pianist is fighting a throat infection. Ticket holders for this concert have the following options: 1. Receive a refund. 2. Exchange tickets for another concert in the 2012 season, subject to … Continue reading »

Britt Turns 50: Making Music History

By Ron Brown JACKSONVILLE, Ore. — For more than 150 years, Jacksonville has been a symbol of Southern Oregon’s rich cultural heritage and this year marks the golden anniversary for the Britt Festival. Jacksonville is like a time machine, where the historic past blends with the present: old brick buildings, century-plus old homes and signs … Continue reading »

Britt Turns 50: Making the Festival a Reality

JACKSONVILLE, Ore. — When John Trudeau and the others who helped launch the Britt Music Festival first saw this hillside, they said they could see the future. It’s hard to imagine that they could see fifty years into the future to today but with a lot of hard work by a lot of volunteers the … Continue reading »

Britt Turns 50: Expanding Performances

By Ron Brown JACKSONVILLE, Ore. — The Britt Festival was 15 years old in 1978 when one of the biggest changes took place: the opening of a new pavilion to replace the badly decaying old stage; it also marked the beginning of some much bigger changes for the Britt Festival. For the first 15 years … Continue reading »

Britt Turns 50: Looking Forward

By Ron Brown JACKSONVILLE, Ore. — With a new pavilion and summer-long music, dance and comedy programs, Britt Festival flourished under Ron McUne’s leadership. “When I took over the festival, we had about 700 members. And when I left, during the height of about 2005 or so, we had 3600 members! And a lot of … Continue reading »