Wyden Tours Brammo Motorcycle Building

TALENT, Ore. — Oregon Senator Ron Wyden said he wants lawmakers to show support for alternative energy and electric vehicles, and is using a local company as an example of why. Wyden toured the Brammo headquarters in Talent on Wednesday. The electric motorcycle manufacturer expanded into the former Walmart building late last year. Wyden got … Continue reading »

Film to Feature Brammo Motorcycle

TALENT, Ore. – A southern Oregon electric motorcycle company will have one of its bikes featured in a new movie. The Brammo Empulse electric motorcycle will appear in the upcoming film “Black Road,” which will shoot in southern Oregon this summer. The movie is being produced by Joma Films, the same company that made the … Continue reading »

Oregon Ranks Near Top in New Green Jobs

ASHLAND, Ore., – A new study puts Oregon near the top of states leading the way for clean energy jobs. A report from the group Environmental Entrepreneurs puts Oregon third among states that added green jobs during the third quarter of 2012. Only California and New York finished higher. On the whole, the United States … Continue reading »

Brammo To Test Drive Motorcycles

MEDFORD, Ore. — The Ashland electric motorcycle company, Brammo, is continuing its effort to partner with Polaris Industries. This weekend, representative from Brammo visited the off-road vehicle maker to give officials with Polaris a first-hand look at Brammo’s Empulse electric motorcycle and even let them go for a test-drive. This Sunday, the Rogue Valley Clean … Continue reading »

Police Departments Test Brammo Bikes

ASHLAND, Ore. — Ashland-based motorcycle company Brammo is working to equip police forces across the country with their electric bikes. The Fort Collins Police Department in Colorado is currently testing an Enertia Plus LE Motorcycle in its police fleet. The police departments of Colorado State University, Harvard, Kansas City and other universities are also looking … Continue reading »

Brammo Expanding to Portland

ASHLAND, Ore. – Brammo is looking north to attract more engineers for its company. Brammo is searching for a location in Portland now and plans to hire about 10 new engineers. The CEO says Brammo currently has engineers that commute from Portland to Ashland. At the same time, the company has been getting a ton … Continue reading »

Ashland Police To Test Electric Motorcycle

By Yessenia Anderson ASHLAND, Ore. — Police patrols around the city of Ashland have taken on a new look: an electric motorcycle is now a part of their fleet. The test bike is hoping to be the first in more oil free vehicles to come. The Ashland Police Department has partnered with Brammo, a local … Continue reading »