10th Anniversary of the Biscuit Fire

By Steven Sandberg The Biscuit Fire in 2002 was one of the largest and most expensive wildfires in Oregon’s history, burning 500,000 acres across southwest Oregon, and costing more than $150 million to contain. 10 years later, the images are still hard to fathom: a graveyard of trees, stretching across parts of hundreds of square … Continue reading »

10th Anniversary of the Biscuit Fire: Logging and Lawsuits

By Bryan Navarro Tree stumps mark the battleground where environmentalists and loggers clashed over what to do with the timber that was caught in the firefight. After the smoke cleared, a new fight began: what would be done with the scarred and scorched trees left behind? The U.S. Forest Service wanted to salvage some logs … Continue reading »

10th Anniversary of the Biscuit Fire: Recovering Property

By Ron Brown The Biscuit Fire was the biggest fire of the year in the U.S. ten years ago and the most costly to fight. It used up almost all the firefighting budget for the Forest Service for 2002. It was costly for some local people as well. Mostly, it was timber and wilderness resources … Continue reading »