Lawmakers Work on Wildfire Funding

MEDFORD, Ore. — The hundreds of thousands of acres burning in Oregon and Washington has prompted law makers to take action. Senator Ron Wyden is working with Idaho senator Mike Carpo to secure more than 600 million dollars of funding from the supplemental funding to this year’s fire season. Senator Wyden is also pushing to … Continue reading »

New Bill Would Require Bike Registration

  SALEM, Ore. — A bill proposed in Salem would require bicycles to be registered before they hit the road. Bicycle registration would cost the rider $10 and would also come with a $25 fine if the rider is found to have not completed registration. The proposed bill has received mixed reaction from local riders. … Continue reading »

College Classes Required in High School?

As Oregon school districts struggle with reduced state funding, legislators are considering increasing graduation requirements. A bill before the Oregon Senate, if passed, would require high school students to take college level classes before they graduate. Eugene-area senator Mark Hass says if the bill was passed this could not only save time, but also a … Continue reading »