Jackson County Talks Water Management

JACKSON COUNTY, Ore. — Jackson County is looking to the state of Colorado as a model for a sustainable water project called the WISE project. Southern Oregon WISE stands for Water for Irrigation, Streams and Economy. Jackson County is currently working on finding funding to bring this project to Southern Oregon. The WISE Project in … Continue reading »

Playground Equipment Too Hot to Touch

MEDFORD, Ore. — The heat is not keeping kids off the playground, but it is heating up the equipment. The Bear Creek playground was built back in 1988 and it is almost completely made of wood, but the slides are made of metal and the metal gets hot as the day progresses. Even during the … Continue reading »

Volunteers Get Flood Evacuation Training

PHOENIX, Ore. – The Bear Creek community is practicing how to save lives in flood situations with an emergency evacuation simulation. Community emergency response teams, or CERT volunteers, were sent out on a door-to-door exercise Saturday to see how quickly they could evacuate locals in the event of a flood. The training is called the … Continue reading »