Bear Bite Victim Speaks Out

MEDFORD, Ore. — The hunter who was bitten by a bear is speaking for the first time. That hunter and his friend had shot the bear on Thursday, then when he went to check if it was dead, the animal attacked. He’s now recovering from multiple bites and other injuries. The hunter says his friend … Continue reading »

Hunter Mauled By Bear Outside Trail

OUTSIDE TRAIL, Ore. – In the woods outside of Trail, two hunters thought they stumbled across a big kill, but the black bear ended up being a big pain. Two young men were deer hunting out in the Elk Creek area outside of Trail. The hunters spotted a bear, but before they could claim the … Continue reading »

Bear Bites Hunter Near Shady Cove

NEAR SHADY COVE, Ore. – Two hunters are recovering after a bear they thought they’d killed near Shady Cove regained consciousness as it was being dragged out of the woods and bit one of the men. Only one hunter was injured and at last report he was sitting up and talking as Mercy Flights crews … Continue reading »