Consumer Reports: Great Grills

Yonkers, N.J. — Consumer Reports has turned up the heat, to help you find the best gas grill, for your outdoor feasts. They tested more than 100 gas grills, from brands like Kenmore, Weber, Char-Broil and Broil-Mate to find the hottest choices. This test uses sensors to measure the temperature at various points on a … Continue reading »

Ultimate Spring BBQ: Brisket

MEDFORD, Ore. — Brisket is not only for restaurants.  You can make it at home on your gas grill, too.  Mike and Trish Callahan, who run My Little BBQ, have a recipe to share so you can make it at home, too. Injection/Marinade: 1 quart water, 3TBSP beef bouillon, 1 qt. beef broth, 1 TBSP … Continue reading »

Roscoe’s Empty After Closing Sale

PHOENIX, Ore. – The former home of Roscoe’s BBQ is now empty. The restaurant’s owners sold everything in the place today help pay for medical expenses. The iconic restaurant closed earlier this month when owner Will Moore fell ill with a rare and incurable disease known as Stevens Johnston Syndrome. Because they don’t have health … Continue reading »