Bath Salt Use On The Rise

MEDFORD, Ore. – The family of a Talent man who died last week in police custody said he may have been on bath salts. As of Monday evening, there was no confirmation that this could be the case and the toxicology results are still not in. Medford Police state it can be difficult to test for … Continue reading »

Local Mental Health Specialist Warns of Bath Salts

By Bryan Navarro MEDFORD, Ore. — A local mental health specialist says the danger of the drug referred “bath salts” in the Rogue Valley is real and is happening now. More than a 100 doctors, officers, and community members showed up to hear about the prevalence of the drug, how to recognize it, and how … Continue reading »

Bath Salts: “The Tombstone Drug”

By Erin Maxson MEDFORD, Ore. — Doctors and police officers say “bath salts” users have the most severe and violent highs they’ve ever seen. The appearance of bath salts in Southern Oregon is delayed compared to the rest of the country. The drug is based on an African plant called “khat”, but Dr. James Hammel of … Continue reading »

Bath Salts: “Potential For An Epidemic”

By Erin Maxson MEDFORD, Ore. — Doctors say the new drug to reach Southern Oregon is something out of a horror movie or nightmare. Bath salts are a designer drug that’s been around for years and doctors say it is just now showing up in Southern Oregon. Experts are particularly concerned that there is so … Continue reading »