Both Sides of GMO Issue Rally in Medford

MEDFORD, Ore. — Two rallies on both sides of the GMO debate were only separated by about an hour this morning in downtown Medford. Supporters of measure 15-119, which would ban the growing of genetically modified crops in Jackson County, hit the streets across from Medford City Hall around 10:30 a.m. Supporters chanted and waved … Continue reading »

Going GMO Free Could Cost the County

MEDFORD, Ore. — GMO free activists took a stand at the Jackson County Commissioners meeting. They asked the commissioners to retract cost claims made for ballot measure 15-119, a measure aiming at making Jackson County GMO free. Commissioners said if the measure is passed and made into a law they would have to enforce it, … Continue reading »

GMO-Free Initiative Opens Second Office

ASHLAND, Ore. — In an effort to spread their message further, the GMO-free initiative is opening up a 2nd election office in Ashland. The new location is just off Highway 99. This comes after opening up their headquarters in downtown Medford last week.  Officials with Our Family Farm Coalition said these offices give people places … Continue reading »