Helium Death Suspects Plead Guilty

MEDFORD, Ore. — Two people responsible for the death of a teenage girl who inhaled helium and collapsed will spend several years behind bars for their crimes. It was an emotional day in the courtroom Tuesday morning as several of the victim’s family members read letters to the judge. Ashley Long’s father, stepfather and mother … Continue reading »

Helium Death Suspects Say They Are “Not Guilty”

MEDFORD, Ore. — Two people, facing charges related to the death of a 14-year-old Eagle Point girl in February, both say they are not guilty. On Tuesday, arraignments were held for both Katherine McAloon and Richard Mowery. Mowery entered a “not guilty” plea on the charge of criminally negligent homicide. McAloon says she is not … Continue reading »

Charges Filed in Helium Huffing Death

By Bryan Navarro MEDFORD, Ore. — The father of a 14-year-old who died after huffing helium, says charges against the person responsible are a small relief from a tragic ordeal. He says it was a bleak outlook for months, but is happy that 32-year-old Richard Mowery is charged with “criminally negligent homicide” On February 18th, … Continue reading »

Charges Made In Eagle Point Teen Death

MEDFORD, Ore. — Charges have been made in a death investigation stemming from February when an Eagle Point teen was killed after inhaling helium gas. A grand jury has indicted 32-year-old Richard Mowery for criminally negligent homicide in the death of 14-year-old Ashley Long (pictured right) in February. The District Attorney’s Office says Long was … Continue reading »