Timber Payment Cuts Affect Fire Fights

ASHLAND, Ore. — As those cuts to timber payments get deeper, forest ecologists say it could lead to more severe wildfires in the future. When you do a really good job putting out a fire, you can actually leave behind a forest that’s more susceptible to fire in the future. So then, you have to … Continue reading »

Trail Sabotage Suspect Sentenced

MEDFORD, Ore. — A man accused of sabotaging mountain trails and injuring cyclists in Ashland has pleaded guilty. Dempsey was accused of running cords across the trail and placing logs in different areas in order to obstruct mountain bike riders. Several people were hurt as a result of hitting those obstacles or swerving to avoid them. Dempsey … Continue reading »

New Fee For Cyclists Needing Rescue

ASHLAND, Ore. — Mountain bikers will have to endure a fee if they need medical help in the Ashland Watershed. Fire Chief John Karns said if a cyclist needs to be rescued in remote areas, they will be responsible for paying the overtime of firefighters called out. So, if two off-duty firefighters are called our … Continue reading »

Helicopter Logging In Ashland Watershed

ASHLAND, Ore. – A major thinning project in the Ashland Watershed has crews doing their work in the sky. Helicopters are being used to carry logs out of the remote area. In order to fight wildfire fuel in the Ashland Watershed, crews are taking an aerial approach. Logging by helicopter. Crews are thinning sections of … Continue reading »