Oregon Schools Continue to Struggle

MEDFORD, Ore. – The US has reached an educational milestone with 80% of students nationwide now graduating high school. But Oregon continues to lag far behind. A recent report, compiled from 2012 Department of Education data, ranks Oregon second to last in the country with a 68% graduation rate. And Southern Oregon is even worse. … Continue reading »

New Vaccine Law to Educate Parents

ASHLAND, Ore. — A new law will soon make it harder for parents to opt out of shots for their children. Now, the Ashland School District is hurrying to prepare. The state law goes into effect this March, and essentially requires certification before parents can opt out of immunizations. The law will require parents to … Continue reading »

Ashland Continues Open Enrollment

ASHLAND, Ore. – The Ashland School District will continue to allow open enrollment for the next school year. The district first allowed open enrollment for this current school year, and allows students to transfer to Ashland without getting approval from their current school district. About 105 students were accepted this past year. The district says … Continue reading »