New Ashland Plaza Officially Dedicated

ASHLAND, Ore. — The planning and construction stages are over, now the new Ashland Plaza re-design is on display. The barricades have been removed for several days now, but the official dedication of the re-design of the plaza is happening Friday evening. Friday night is the city’s monthly celebration of local arts; First Friday and … Continue reading »

Ashland Discuss Police Station Renewal

ASHLAND, Ore. — The lease is up at the end of the month for the small police station at the Ashland Plaza. In the five years since the station was first put in place, both Ashland Police and local businesses say the presence alone has made a big impact in the surrounding area. The station … Continue reading »

Oregon Trails: Ashland City Plaza

ASHLAND, Ore. – A project to re-shape and upgrade the landmark plaza in downtown Ashland is focusing new attention and interest on the popular tourist attraction, but it’s not the first time the plaza has gone through a make-over. For more than a hundred years, the Ashland Plaza has been something of a gateway to … Continue reading »

Ashland Protesters Fight To “Legalize Sleep”

By Bryan Navarro ASHLAND, Ore. — Dozens in Ashland are deliberately breaking the law, camping out in protest of city ordinances they say target homeless. Some in Ashland say the homeless don’t have a safe place to go; others simply say they cannot stay in the downtown plaza. A few dozen protestors came to Lithia … Continue reading »