Memorial Today for Murder Victim

ASHLAND, Ore. — Friends will be gathering today to remember an Ashland man who was killed last month in his home. The celebration of life service for Frank Damiano, also known as Tony Della Penna, is being held a month after his murder for friends in many groups of the Ashland community. Damiano was a … Continue reading »

Two Years Since Grubbs Murder

ASHLAND, Ore. — Today marks the two year anniversary of David Grubbs’ death. Flowers and ornaments still sit on the Ashland bike path where David Grubbs was found dead, nearly decapitated. Police have received hundreds of tips throughout the last two years, but have no suspects, stating this case is an active investigation. Two years … Continue reading »

The Grubbs Investigation: 2 Years Later

ASHLAND, Ore. — Today marks the two year anniversary of the brutal murder of David Grubbs. Grubbs is the young man who was murdered while walking home along the Ashland bike path on November 19, 2011. Police are still actively investigating any tips or leads they get, but nothing has turned up so far. Grubb’s … Continue reading »

Second Ashland Murder Suspect Arrested

VANCOUVER, Wash. — According to a statement released by the Jackson County Sheriff’s Office,  a second wanted murder suspect in the Ashland homicide investigation has been arrested. Othon Robert Campos, Jr., of Medford, was taken into custody on Saturday morning. U.S. Marshalls found him in an undisclosed location in Vancouver, Washington.  He is at the Clark County Jail. … Continue reading »

Murder Suspect’s Wife Defends Husband

MEDFORD, Ore. — The wife of a man arrested in connection to an Ashland homicide is coming forward saying her husband’s roommate is the one responsible. Frank Damiano was found dead last Thursday. The Jackson County Sheriff’s Office arrested Merlin Elmo Bound at his home. He is facing charges of murder, assault in the first … Continue reading »

Murder Suspect’s Family Speaks Out

MEDFORD, Ore. — A Medford man is now in custody for the killing of Frank Damiano, also known as Tony Della Penna. Now, that suspect’s family is speaking out. The suspect, 34-year old Merlin Bound, faces charges of murder, assault in the first degree, and burglary. While bound remains in jail with no possibility of … Continue reading »

Suspect Arrested in Ashland Murder

MEDFORD, Ore. — A Medford man is behind bars in the Jackson County Jail today in connection with the murder of Frank Ronald Damiano, 62, of Ashland. Early this morning, detectives arrested Merlin Elmo Bound III at his home in the 500-block of Boardman St. for the crimes of Murder, Assault in the first degree, … Continue reading »

Ashland Homicide Investigation Continues

ASHLAND, Ore. — The Major Assault and Death Investigations Unit continues to search for answers in the murder of Ashland resident Frank Damiano, known to most as Tony Della Penna. Friends and community members have already begun to leave trinkets at the crime scene that was once Tony Della Penna’s home. Many are in the … Continue reading »