Ashland Homeless Sleep-Out

ASHLAND, Ore. — A group of activists in Ashland is spending the night outside to raise money for homeless support services. The Homeless Sleep-Out is an effort to galvanize people into action by voluntarily showing what it’s like to survive as a homeless person, even just for one night. About 50 people set up tents … Continue reading »

OSF Seeks Plaza Redesign

ASHLAND, Ore. – The Oregon Shakespeare Festival is seeking help from the city to renovate one of the city’s plazas. The Chautauqua Square, next to the Black Swan Theater, is currently leased to OSF. The festival says they want to remove or repair the fountain and get rid of the concrete planters to ease congestion … Continue reading »

Homeless Center Sees More Clients

ASHLAND, Ore. – Oregon has one of the highest homeless rates in the country, but an Ashland group is doing what it can to improve things on a local level. The Ashland Community Resource Center opened earlier this year, and provides resume help, access to services, showers, laundry, and supplies. Organizers said the number of … Continue reading »

Shower and Laundry Center to Open

ASHLAND, Ore. — A new facility is opening to the public on Thursday to provide a place to shower and do laundry. The event for the mobile facility is organized by ACCESS, the community action agency and Options for Homeless Residents of Ashland. Local citizens helped the Ashland Community Resource Center purchase the vehicle. The … Continue reading »

Ashland Discusses Homeless Families

ASHLAND, Ore. — The City of Ashland is looking at ways to serve homeless families and children after receiving criticism for not allowing them into their homeless shelter. In order to do that they’ve announced a new emergency fund. The city works with a number of religious institutions and non-profits to make sure people aren’t … Continue reading »

Voucher Program Helps Homeless Families

ASHLAND, Ore. — The city of Ashland is announcing an emergency fund to help parents and children in need, after receiving criticism for its lack of family shelters The problem the city is facing is that they don’t have any shelters capable of accommodating children and families. This emergency fund is meant to make up … Continue reading »

Homeless Public Forum Sparks Dialogue

ASHLAND,Ore. — There are a number of homeless individuals in Downtown Ashland.  On Wednesday,  the community came together to address an issue that they say really affects everyone. Leigh Madsen has worked with the homeless population for years now. “The softness and the tenderness of these people, and to come here and see these people … Continue reading »