Congressional Candidates Face Off

EUGENE, Ore. — For the first time this year, candidates for Oregon’s 4th Congressional U.S. District seat went head to head in a debate in Eugene. Incumbent Rep. Peter DeFazio a Democrat from Springfield, Pacific Green Candidate Michael Beilstein from Corvallis and Republican challenger Art Robinson from Cave Junction took the podium Wednesday night at … Continue reading »

Oregon GOP Chairman Wants Your Urine

CAVE JUNCTION, Ore. – Former Congressional candidate, Art Robinson, does not want your money or your vote, but he does want your urine. Besides being the head of the Oregon Republican Party, Robinson is a biochemist who owns and operates his own research institute near Cave Junction. He plans on testing the urine for thousands … Continue reading »

Oregon GOP Chairman Asking for Urine

CAVE JUNCTION, Ore. — Josephine County residents have been receiving requests for urine samples in the mail from state GOP Chairman Art Robinson. A request form has been in many residents’ mailboxes. The form explains that the urine is being used for a scientific study, and that in order to be scientifically accurate, thousands of … Continue reading »