FDA Warns Against Teething Gel

If you’ve ever been a parent of a newborn, you know teething can be uncomfortable for everyone involved.  Now, the Food and Drug Administration is warning parents about some of the options to soothe the teething pain. In many cases, parents and caregivers rub medication on their infants’ gums.  Now, the FDA is warning those products … Continue reading »

Anchor Mom: Thank Goodness for Dad!

As a working mom, my husband has the joy of doing many of the things moms typically handle.  After school taxi-service, sitting through long sports practices, cooking dinner, and giving the kids baths.  And he does it without me.  I’m on the air from the time school ends until 7pm. And he works full time, … Continue reading »

Anchor Mom: Teenage Hope

From the time I was first pregnant and found out I’d be having a girl, many people commented about “watching out for the teenage years.”  After Olivia was born, people would see her quick smile, bright eyes, and questioning nature and say “you’ll have your hands full when she’s a teenager.”  Now, as a kindergartener, … Continue reading »

“Nap Nanny” Warning: Another Baby Death

WASHINGTON, D.C– A 6th baby has died since 2010 as a result of the Nap Nanny, according the Consumer Product and Safety Commission.  The death happened several months ago in New Jersey, but the CPSC is just now finding out about it. The most recent death of an infant renews the effort to get 10’s … Continue reading »

Anchor Mom: Judge Not

At a soccer party this weekend, one of the moms mentioned to me how great it is that kids are all different. I tend to disagree. Wouldn’t it be easier if they were all the same?  From sleeping habits, to discipline, to eating, to activity levels; I felt like I had it all figured out … Continue reading »

Anchor Mom: (Over?) Sharing Pictures

Kids are the best form of entertainment.  I didn’t always believe that.  But somehow, after having 2 of my own, my husband and I can just watch them play for hours and it’s much more interesting to us than any movie or book. Seriously, kids (especially your own) can be mesmerizing. I think that’s why … Continue reading »

Anchor Mom: Health vs. Hunger

My garden is growing – full of cucumbers, peas, beans, eggplant, strawberries, grapes, tomatoes, and broccoli.  My kids love the fresh fruit and veggies, I love feeding them things I feel good about. But let’s be honest.  Between two parents working full-time, kindersoccer practices and games, swim team practices for my daughter, swim lessons for … Continue reading »

Disciplining Children

Medford, Ore. — Disciplining children can be easier said than done.  That’s why a local pediatrician is sharing tips on how to discipline in a constructive way. Dr. Mary Murdoch with Southern Oregon Pediatrics shares the best way to discipline your child.  She says it’s important to discipline them with natural consequences (if you drop … Continue reading »

Anchor Mom: Helping Kids find Strength

Today there is a video going viral on social media that shows a mother asking her daughter to repeat her experience with bullying at school and on the bus.  The little girl is obviously embarrassed and doesn’t want to talk about the incident.  Her little brother, maybe a kindergartener witnessed the most recent round of … Continue reading »

Anchor Mom: Bubble Wrap Isn’t an Option

Anytime I hear “broken leg”, I am sent back to the first day of school in fall of 2013.  It was Olivia’s first day of school.  20 minutes into the day, she fell from a fireman’s pole and broke her leg.  In 3 pieces.  Fibula and Tibia.  It was awful. When I asked our orthopedist … Continue reading »

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