Anchor Mom: Laughing Babies

Is there anything cuter than a laughing baby? They just create such joy and melt your problems away.  I love seeing all the Youtube clips of babies who get tickled at the smallest things. I love them so much that way back in the early days of Youtube, when my oldest (now 7) was just … Continue reading »

Anchor Mom: Raising Narcissistic Kids

As my son and I washed our hands in the bathroom a few days ago, he was blabbing away, “And if the truck is fast enough…” He was talking to me, but I realized, he wasn’t actually talking to me.  As he talked, he was looking straight in the mirror – watching himself as he … Continue reading »

Anchor Mom: Practicing Patience

In true three-year-old style when something goes wrong for my son – he throws his head back and yells “AHH!” You know, really serious problems like having to wait until dinner is done to eat it or wait until he washes his hand for snack. As his meltdown begins I tell him “practice patience.”  He … Continue reading »

Anchor Mom: Hearts and Memories

Valentine’s Day changes so much over the years as you go from child to dating to married to mother. For kids, it’s a chance to do something festive.  Surround yourself in what is very likely your favorite colors if you’re a girl under the age of 10. Pink and flowers and glitter and hearts everywhere. … Continue reading »

Anchor Mom: Teaching ‘Thank You’

I’ve been trying to teach my toddler the importance of saying ‘thank you.’ Usually that means we stand awkwardly at the Target cash register as ‘J’ admires his new sticker, while the cashier and I look at him smiling, waiting for him to say the words that prove I’ve done a good job as a mother. … Continue reading »

Anchor Mom: Working Mom Guilt

Working mom guilt.  Ah!  It’s something I had mostly been able to get past before baby #2 was born.  I had a routine complete with plenty of mommy/son time.  But all of that changed yesterday, my first day back at work since becoming the mom of two. The morning started out flawlessly.  I’ve always felt … Continue reading »

Anchor Mom: Balancing Act of Sports

What does a 7 year old do after a 2-day swim meet where she placed in two events and PR’d in 4? If it’s my daughter, she asks to go swim laps. It seems like nearly every kid is in sports these days, starting at younger and younger ages. My kids are no exception. Olivia … Continue reading »

Anchor Mom: Preparing for Preschool

My “baby” just turned 3.  He’ll be the first to tell you he’s no longer a baby.  But since he has a fall birthday, I get to pretend for a few extra months before he’s “supposed” to start school. But the truth is that our daycare provider already does school work with him.  And he … Continue reading »

Anchor Mom: Vision Check

There has been a noticeable change to one of my darlings this week!  Olivia got glasses.  I suspected she needed them about a  year ago, but at the time the optometrist said it was borderline and she may grow out of it.  This September’s appointment was quite different.  We have already noticed what a benefit … Continue reading »

Anchor Mom: Back to School

Forward: There are two versions of this post.  I couldn’t decide which one was a better description of this time of year. VERSION 1: UGH.  (That’s about all I can muster for today) VERSION 2: Yay!  School, soccer, and swimming are all back in session. (why can’t I find a sarcastic font?) Growing up, I … Continue reading »

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