House Fire Displaces Family

CENTRAL POINT, Ore. — The American Red Cross is assisting five Central Point residents after a house fire on the 5900 block of Tamarack Lane. The owner of the home says the fire started when a member of the family cleaned out the chimney and set aside the ashes. Those ashes apparently smoldered for a … Continue reading »

How Can You Help Fire Officials

NEAR ASHLAND, Ore. — In the wake of multiple fires breaking out in the region in the last week, many people are left wondering what they can do to help. Fire agencies say the best thing is to donate to one of several agencies including the Wildland Firefighter Foundation, the American Red Cross, the Salvation … Continue reading »

Red Cross Scouting Greensprings Shelters

NEAR ASHLAND, Ore. – Red Cross volunteers are posting up in the Greensprings area to advise residents for possible evacuation, and to scope out shelters. Two volunteers were called out to the area near the Greensprings Inn Monday morning in response to the growing threat of the Oregon Gulch fire. In addition to setting up … Continue reading »

Red Cross Blood Donation Shortage

MEDFORD, Ore. — The America Red Cross is facing a blood shortage as the peak summer season begins. Red Cross officials said they are down nearly 15,000 donations in the Pacific Northwest.  This shortage is an on-going trend the agency said it’s starting to see every summer. An estimated forty percent of their donations come … Continue reading »

Chipotle to Hold Blood Drive

MEDFORD, Ore. — During National Preparedness Month, the American Red Cross is partnering with Chipotle to host a blood drive in Medford. Chipotle is holding the blood drive on Tuesday, September 3rd, from 12 noon to 5 pm and a fundraising event from 4 pm to 8 pm. They are also providing all presenting donors … Continue reading »

How You Can Help Firefighters

MEDFORD, Ore. — Other agencies say there has been an abundance of other donations from the community as well. Wool socks and things like mouthwash and protein bars have been coming in by the bundles, but those agencies say they are getting too much stuff, and could use some help in other ways. Officials say … Continue reading »

Red Cross Volunteers Return from Academy

MEDFORD, Ore. — Several Red Cross volunteers are back in Southern Oregon after learning how to respond during a disaster. From fires, to earthquakes, hurricanes, and tornados; whether they happen in Southern Oregon, or across the country, Red Cross volunteers say they need to know how to respond quickly during an emergency, in order to … Continue reading »