War in Afghanistan Officially Ends

AFGHANISTAN — After nearly 13 years, united states combat mission in Afghanistan is over. President Obama released a statement Sunday to mark the occasion, saying, “The longest war in American history is coming to a responsible conclusion.” Mister Obama also thanked all of the military men and women who served in Afghanistan since the September … Continue reading »

Oregon Soldiers Prepare for Afghanistan

ASHLAND, Ore. – Oregon National Guard troops are preparing for another tour of duty in Afghanistan, and could be some of the last troops in that country. President Obama announced Tuesday that only 9,800 troops would remain in Afghanistan after 2014. That number would continue to be reduced in 2015, and by the end of … Continue reading »

Local Troops Awaiting Orders

MERLIN, Ore. – They have their initial orders. Now for Oregon National Guard troops, all they can do is train and wait. Since receiving word that they need to train for a possible mission to Afghanistan in 2014, local troops said the only thing that will change is an increased amount of training. They said … Continue reading »

Oregon Troops Prepare For Mission

ASHLAND, Ore. – Oregon National Guard troops may soon be getting the call to return to the Middle East. Guard members have been given a “notification of sourcing,” which means they need to start preparing for possible security missions in Afghanistan in 2014. An Oregon Army National Guard spokesman said it does not necessarily mean … Continue reading »