Tax Services Discuss Affordable Care Act

MEDFORD, Ore. — Tax time is closing in and this year, Oregonians are looking at steep tax penalties for being uninsured. Those who fail to enroll can face penalties anywhere from 95 dollars for a single person, to up to $12,000 for a family of five. Local tax services are offering free advice this year … Continue reading »

Local Group Offers Open Enrollment Help

MEDFORD, Ore. – Liberty Tax Service is offering assistance to Oregonians that need to enroll for health insurance under the Affordable Care Act. The insurance open enrollment period for 2015 begins Saturday November 15. Those needing estimates on how a penalty or credit will impact their 2014 return, or those looking to apply for an exemption,  can contact their preferred Liberty Tax … Continue reading »

HealthWatch: Health Insurance for Grads

(CNN) — A lot has happened on the health care front since 2010. And when exchanges under the Affordable Care Act finally opened last fall, it also opened a lot of new options for this year’s college grads. Most campus insurance plans will run until at least the end of the summer. After that, graduates … Continue reading »

Lane County Opening New Health Center

EUGENE, Ore. — Lane County is teaming up with a local health care group to tackle the problem of too many new patients and not enough doctors. Around 76,000 people in Lane County are now on the Oregon Health Plan, after getting insurance through the Affordable Care Act. For local health care providers, the influx … Continue reading »

Insured Waiting for an Extension

CENTRAL POINT, Ore. — People whose health plans were cancelled or changed because of the Affordable Care Act still do not know whether they will keep their plans, despite assurances made by the President last week. The Affordable Care Act requires insurance plans to meet certain minimum standards, but that means insurance plans that do … Continue reading »

Young People and Health Insurance

ASHLAND, Ore. — Young people will be the key to the Affordable Care Act’s success, but health care providers say many young people simply don’t know how to sign up, and are choosing to go without coverage. Jacob Allphin is a student at SOU, and talking about health insurance, you might as well be speaking … Continue reading »

Affordable Care Act Questions

A major sticking point between republicans and democrats in Washington D.C. is the president’s healthcare law. The shutdown is happening as the centerpiece of the Affordable Care Act is rolled out. There are still many questions around the health insurance marketplaces. We spoke with Consumer Reports Senior Editor, Nancy Metcalf, to clear up some of … Continue reading »

Police Warn of Affordable Care Act Scams

MEDFORD, Ore. — Open enrollment for the federal government’s Affordable Care Act is underway, and with it, a lot of confusion as to who’s eligible, whose options have changed, and what they need to do. As if the Affordable Care Act wasn’t confusing enough already, scam artists are trying to take advantage of you. The … Continue reading »

Healthcare Forum Focuses on Changes

MEDFORD, Ore. — Fifty chairs were set up in the Medford Library for a public forum Monday night. The forum’s main focus was the new online marketplace for health insurance called Cover Oregon. Starting October 1, people will be able to go online to and register for health insurance.   It calculates how much … Continue reading »

Affordable Care Act Anniversary

MEDFORD, Ore. — The Affordable Care Act celebrates its third birthday on Monday. Experts in Oregon say patients are already feeling the changes, and more are on the way. Health care experts are calling it a tipping point for Oregon. Three years into the Affordable Care Act, the state is getting ready to launch its … Continue reading »