Tabasha Paige Criado’s Father Speaks Out

MEDFORD, Ore. — The father of Tabasha Paige Criado is speaking out, after a string of murders in the Rogue Valley suspected of being connected to domestic violence. He says he wants to use his experience and knowledge to prevent other people from becoming victims like his daughter.

Willie Johnson says he moved to Medford a short time ago for Jordan Criado’s murder trial, and to help become an advocate against domestic violence. Johnson says he has had run-ins with violence his whole life.

In 1990, he was convicted of murder in Fresno, which he claims was accidental. Johnson served 12 years before petitioning the court and being granted early release. He was trying to put it all behind him, and began speaking with his daughter for the first time last year.

In July, however, Tabasha and her four young children were found murdered, with her husband Jordan arrested for the crime. Johnson says it sparked his move to Medford, to use what happened to him to help prevent domestic violence.

“If I don’t do something, then I feel I’m opening the door for anybody else to do something wrong and to let it keep on happening,” says Johnson.

Johnson says he wants to use his experience to become a voice against these types of crimes. He hopes to get involved with local organizations, and wants to share his story with the public highlighting the signs and effects of domestic violence.