T-Storms Rumble, Hot, Sun & Dry Return

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Numerous showers and thunderstorms rumbled and rolled through the Rogue Valley and surrounding valleys and mountains Monday late afternoon and evening.  Some dry lightning strikes were reported, and some possible lightning starts have also been called in, but because of the size of the thunderstorm that formed between 5 and 7 PM, many areas were getting some rainfall, that hopefully was putting any starts out before the can grow in size.

On the outer fringes of this particular thunderstorm will sill see the danger of fire induced lightning strikes.  This will decrease with time this evening and overnight.  However, I still see some thunderstorms on the east side of the Cascades that may turn into Nocturnal storms (that feed on the cooling of the upper atmosphere as the sun sets) and helps to induce overnight spotty thunderstorms and scattered rain showers near Medford and over the Rogue Valley.

Our morning will start with a few lingering showers, then we’ll see a break for most of the day.  Again, isolated thunderstorms will develop, especially near and over the mountains.  One or two of these storms could drift over the Rogue Valley or another valley location in the afternoon or evening hours.

Drier, hotter and more summer-like weather returns Wednesday through Saturday.  I do see a Pacific Storm that will come in “two parts” on both Sunday and Monday.  The trend for next week is showing a wetter and cooler weather pattern than we have seen recently.

It would be exactly what we need right now.  Some rainfall to temper the drying impacts of the hot temperatures and low humidity we have seen for the last couple of weeks.