T-Storms Becoming More Widespread Friday

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A slow moving storm is bringing showers and thunderstorms over Northern California and Southern Oregon.  Because it is creeping north northeast, the chance for increasing storms is highest on Friday and will remain high on Saturday.  Some storms will have heavy rain, frequent lightning, hail and gusty winds.  Dry lighting is likely outside of where rain falls.

By Sunday, the storm will lift to east of Portland, leaving the Rogue Valley, Southern Oregon and Northern California in clearing skies and seasonal temperatures.  Smoke will remain present, but will be mixed up to some degree with the more numerous thunderstorms the next couple of days.  But, once the storm leaves the area, the smoke will settle back into the valleys, and the same routine of air quality changes from an hour to hour basis.

There will be smoke for some time to come.  And, these thunderstorms could help or make things worse.  It all depends on where the rain falls and where dry lightning strikes and if there are erratic winds.