Sustainable Table: Rogue Flavor

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MEDFORD, Ore. – Eat Local Week wrapped up a week ago, but its end, and our shift in seasons, doesn’t mean choosing local has to end.

Kellie Hill helps others create a plan to trade in the cans, boxes, bags and supplements for whole, nutrient dense, local foods. As a nutritional therapy practitioner, Kellie started The Right Plan after an undiagnosed lactose intolerance nearly led to surgery.

“I just had to eliminate dairy and clean up my diet. The nutrition just became this wonderful piece of wow, you don’t have to do these crazy elaborate diets you can just eat whole, nutrient dense foods and that’s where it all started,” recalled Hill

As a member of Thrive, “The Right Plan” is not only featured in the annual “Rogue Flavor” guide, but Kellie also relies on it for her clients.

“They can actually find who is selling what products and they can plan for the next week, day, month, year, and when they plan, they get ultimate health,” explained Kellie.

The guide has been around for a decade. The book includes listings for markets, farms, ranches, restaurants, events, tasting rooms, and a calendar of seasonality.

“It’s really exciting to see how thick and substantial the guide has become and how much people look to expect it,” explained Becky.

“Some people don’t realize we do have local food that is available all year long here in the Valley,” added Kellie.

Like the sustainable and local businesses it details, the guide itself is sustainable and local. It’s printed on recycled paper, created in-house at Thrive with the help of a local designer, and published locally.

“We feel really good about supporting a local printer,” said Becky.

As Kellie teaches her clients, there are other resources available for eating locally all year. Thrive’s online farmers market is open year round and people can also buy into one of five winter Community Supported Agriculture programs, or CSA’s.

The 2014 “Rogue Flavor Guide” is in the works right now – it will be published, by that local printer, in March.