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MEDFORD, Ore. — Half a dozen restaurants have moved into downtown Medford in the past year and there’s a new movement to highlight both the new and established locally owned eateries.

People new and familiar with Medford’s food scene are crawling all over downtown for Medford’s DishCrawl. DishCrawl organizer Michael Davis explains why, “It’s good to be able to get out to be with family friends and make new acquaintances and eat great food!”

“We have a lot of new people coming into the area and they may find it’s not easy to find the haunts that are the best places to go. And with downtown Medford growing and expanding as it is, there is a real element and a new flavor to it that we want other people to be aware of as well as the locals.”

Local participant Jennifer Davis says, “We thought it would be really fun to do.”

The DishCrawl movement started in San Fransico and has spread to 100 communities, including Medford, which recently held it’s first event that started at Bricktown Brewery.

Jennifer went to the event, “It was crowded and a lot of energy and great beers and we are not big beer drinkers but I didn’t even know that existed, and so that was awesome.”

As participants move, or crawl, from dish to dish they are visiting locally owned establishments. Often serving local food menu options.

The second stop for these DishCrawlers was Rocky Tonk. “We are getting a little bit of a taste of food, and it’s about the food,” Jennifer stresses. “They had a lamb stew there. I haven’t had lamb stew ever I don’t think and it was really really good.”

Then it was off to 38 Central, “I feel like giving back to all these restaurants on this event; so now we know what’s here so it’s really exciting.”

Michael and other organizers say the upcoming events promise to highlight new restaurants and new local cuisine each month, “The restaurants are all really excited about the opportunity to take one of their slower days, bring people in whether it is existing customers that they had or new customers.”

“We want to be introducing different restaurants, in other words we don’t want to choose the same type of restaurant.”

The next DishCrawl event is this upcoming Tuesday, the 23rd. March’s event sold out so if you want tickets you may want to act fast! Click here for more information.

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  1. Drew says:

    Don’t forget their fourth stop was at Roundtable Tea Company!

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