Sustainable Table: Local Loaves

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ASHLAND, Ore. – In the cold months a hearty loaf of bread pairs perfectly with a hot bowl of soup. One Southern Oregon bakery is making a local loaf, made with ingredients harvested from around the region.

You could say Sunstone Artistry Bakery has a “hands-on” approach. The care they put into each loaf is replicated throughout the business. A basic loaf of sour dough has just four ingredients: flour, water, salt and starter. After that, the possibilities are endless.

Marked with the State of Jefferson’s emblem, these Jefferson loaves live up to the name. The Rogue Valley brambles olive oil is from Northern California. The honey and seeds are from and the wheat is grown about 20 minutes away.

David Mostue started growing a couple of varieties of wheat a few years ago. In order to diversify Dunbar Farms’ offerings. A partnership grew between the two companies. Right now, it still costs more to make a loaf with Dunbar’s wheat but it’s still the bakery’s second best seller at the farmers market.

Shelia Carder said people must be picking up on what Sunstone Bakery and Dunbar Farms has known all along. Not only does it look heartier, David says it is healthier. David says it’s packed with more nutrients that is physically sustainable. Opting for local ingredients lessens the carbon footprint, a sustainable choice for the environment. All that handiwork requires employees, sustaining the local economy.

Buying a loaf of Sunstone’s bread sustains a local family business. Sunstone is now competing with another Oregon bread company, nationally known as Dave’s Killer Bread, a nitch that could come with butter, cheese, jam, olive oil or just plain hot out of the oven.

Sunstone Bakery’s sustainability doesn’t end with the Jefferson loaf. The packaging, even clear plastic-like material, is actually made from sustainably harvested wood products. While you won’t find the Jefferson loaf here yet because of limited shelf space, you can buy it direct, and Sunstone is working on getting it or another local wheat product on shelves soon.

Sunstone breads are available at several stores in Medford, Ashland and Talent, including The Medford Food Co-op, Ashland Food Co-op’s, and Harry & David Country Village. For more information on Sunstone Artistry Bakery and where to get their products, or Dunbar Farms, consult their websites listed below:

Sunstone Bakery


Dunbar Farms