Sustainable Table: Juicing 101

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MEDFORD, Ore. — Getting all the recommended fruits and vegetables in each day can be a challenge, especially if they aren’t something you crave…but despite some people’s aversion to them, fruits and veggies pack incredible nutrients that can be hard to find anywhere else.

Everything in your local produce department can be juiced, but the combinations, and how to get the most benefits out of that juice; that takes a little education.

“I bought a juicer about 2 years ago and I finally about six months ago took it out of the box. I still to this day have not used it,” said Medford Coop Member Angie Lanier.

Lanier admits she didn’t have the counter space, but there was a bigger problem.

“I really had a problem with the waste of the fiber the bulk,” she says. “Juicing all of the juice and then wasting that and I didn’t know what to do with it.”

Karen Brooks knows her way around a juicer and the benefits she says helped save her life.

“Thirteen years ago I was diagnosed with terminal cancer,” Brooks said.

Karen’s oncologist recommended adding juicing to her diet to increase her immune system.

“And, pretty soon, things started turning around and I wanted to know how it worked,” Brooks recalled. “So long story short, 13 years later there is still no sign of cancer in my body, I am walking and healthy, and juicing really helped me battle my illness.”

Karen’s company, “In-Home Wellness Solutions” visited the Medford Co-Op to host one of the stores new drop in classes.
“We want to engage our shoppers and give them a little bit more education about nutrition about our products but also about how easy it is to do things at home,” said Brooks.

It was a perfect combination.

“I am an education service and I love passing on my education.”

According to Karen, it comes with sweet benefits.

“The digestion process is pretty much done for you and your body, it’s immediately absorbable,” she explains. “Phitonutrients, ennzymes, minerals, and vitamines. So it’s almost like a direct injection system into your blood stream.”

While sharing samples and her story – Karen is also quick to point out something else:

“Juicing is a compliment to traditional medicine, so if you are able to add the nutrition, it will do nothing but assist the medicine to work properly,” she says.

And if you’re just getting started think small, $25 on a junior juicer, and food you are familiar with.

“It’s silly but if you can just get a handful of lettuce and a stalk of celery and juice it, it is incredible powerful in inducing that sleep effect, relax, calm, and able to fall asleep,” Brooks says.

Armed with knowledge, ingredients and the brand new juicer, now out of its box…Angie’s ready.

“I’m excited. I am going to go home and I am going to juice,” Angie says.

Here is a timely recipe: Karen says if you are trying to fend off a winter cold, try blending carrots, garlic, parsley, and celery.

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