Sustainable Table: CSA

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APPLEGATE, Ore. – It’s the gift that keeps on giving: local food can benefit your health, your area farmer and the community’s economy. There is an acronym for just about everything these days. Here’s one you should get to know: C.S.A., Community Supported Agriculture. Becoming a member or giving a membership as a gift this holiday season will hook you up with a box filled with veggies and produce every two weeks.

“I am a real believer in eating what’s available during the time it’s a available,” said Barking Moon CSA Member, Chris Bratt. This is the second year Chris has joined the Barking Moon’s Winter CSA. The Applegate Farm is in it’s 7th year; the winter CSA, it’s fourth.

“There is not the glut of produce in the valley during the winter time and so we found this as a new niche to fill, and it’s just been wide open and the demand has been really high for us and we are starting to see other programs similar to our start to pop up in the area,” explained Josh Cohen, the Co-Owner of Barking Moon Farm.

Members of CSAs support the farm financially, hence sharing in the risk and the reward. $300.00 will get you a box of food every two week for 12 weeks.

“So it’s 25 dollars a week, or about the cost of a fancy latte a day,” said Josh.

Inside is a base: carrots, potatoes, winter squash, kale, chard, collars, salad mix, cabbage and onions.

“That would make up roughly 32 of the 50 dollars,” Josh explained. Then, the rotating extras, arugula, broccoli, radishes, dry beans, popcorn, flour corn.

One of the biggest questions about this process: is a Rubbermaid full of food, every two weeks, too much?

“I usually say how much do you spend a week on produce? Is it about 25 dollars? if so this could be right up your alley,” Josh said.

Living right down the road, Chris and his wife feel the benefit of certified organic local produce is well worth it, and the Bratt’s are considering the gifting a membership to Barking Moon’s CSA this year.

“It’s that kind of thing that I am thinking about for sure,” said Chris. “It’s just a different kind of a process. I am a ‘think local’ kind of person and that makes me happy when I am supporting what’s going on here and enjoying it.”

“People need to eat,” Josh said, “we all need to eat food, and so why not give someone sort of a fantastic version of that experience.”

If you want to get in on the Barking Moon’s Winter CSA program you’re gonna have to act fast. It begins Thursday and they’ve almost already filled up their membership. Members of the Barking Moon Farm’s Winter CSA Program can pick up their boxes at the farm; there are two location in Ashland, one in Medford, Grants Pass and Applegate.