Sustainable Table: Bees Wax Candles

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EAGLE POINT, Ore. – Some workers in Eagle Point have been as busy as bees. A candle is a simple thing, but it can bring warm to a room or a meal. A Rogue Valley family knows that all too well and their bringing that knowledge and that light to people around the world.

Angelika Curtis is the head candle-maker at Wild Bee Honey Farm in Eagle Point; she is also the only candle maker. Her husband, Mike, is the beekeeper. Angelika says she uses up to about 3,000 pounds of beeswax every year, all from Oregon hives and all natural.

“A lot of wax that’s being sold comes from China and it’s loaded with pesticides and things,” says Angelika. “It’s really nasty stuff, or it can be.”

The quality isn’t the only selling point.

“60% to 75% of my business comes from Etsy,” Angelika says. Angelika’s candles appeal to a very wide audience. “I have shapes for Buddhism, Hinduism […] I have Menora candles. People have told me they have used my candles for births, for deaths, all kinds of life events.”

She’s been making candles four about 8 years.

“Beeswax is expensive and hard to come by,” said Angelika. “It’s not like just anybody can jump into this and make it work.”

Online sales started in 2006, shipping out an estimated 4,000 candles a year, keeping the post office busy.

“I go right to the front of the line,” said Angelika. “They know me.”

Especially this time of year.

“I ship things all over the world. Any country you’ve heard of, and some you haven’t.”

No matter where they go, before the box is taped up, Angelika posts a thank you note.

“I think that’s important to feel like they are getting this from a real person, not a company,” Angelika said.

Whether they end up under the tree, or on the table, they are a light in a lot of lives.

“It’s kind of a good feeling to be able to do this and actually make something and produce something from you know raw material and make it be something that people like,” said Angelika. “I like doing that. That’s important.

Plans are already in the works out at Wild Bee Honey Farm for a building specifically for candle-making. That will help keep up with the demand and put more options on the table.


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  2. Angelika says:

    Thank you, Erin!! What a great story! :-)

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