Suspicious Fires In Grants Pass

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GRANTS PASS, Ore. – Police are investigating a pair of suspicious fires, and surveillance video of the crime scene may be the key.

Police say those fires were lit early Friday morning in Grants Pass, and damaged part of a building. Investigators say the fire started in a dumpster and then burned up into the building itself. Police are investigating it as arson.

The surveillance video outside Napa Auto Parts apparently shows it all. Around 1 a.m. Friday morning, a man approaches a dumpster outside the building, and lights it on fire. The man then steps back to admire his work, even tries to touch the flames at one point, before running away.

A passing police officer spotted the growing flames and called the fire department. Firefighters arrived a few minutes later, and doused the flames that climbed up the walls of the building. The damage ends up mostly on the outside of the building. Police say it appears to be arson, and say they are lucky an officer happened to catch it in time.

Police also say a few minutes after the Napa fire, they got a call of a trash can fire in an alley a block away. No buildings were damaged, but police believe the two fires may be connected. Police say they do not have any suspects in this case, but they’re asking anyone with information to call Grants Pass police.

Danielle Craig contributed to this report.